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The Bull is going to crap all over your Bear when the metals

rocket takes off lol. The same banksters that are short paper gold & silver are also long on both metals. They know the jig is up, India and China are on track to buy up all the gold silver mined in 2013 according to Eric Sprott. Silver is the real player in the new bull market because India has put a hefty tax on gold and not silver so the population has switched to silver. I also read an article that says the rich in India are traveling to Dubia to buy gold to get around the tax.

If Gold doesn't return to $1900 then it will just disappear off all the shelves of the vaults and stores. But since this was a phony take down of the market look for it to over correct, maybe $2500.

"The following bulletin from Jim Sinclair explains where gold is headed and who will benefit. In typical fashion, Sinclair’s information is superb but his writing style isn’t exactly clear. In fact, after reading it, my wife asked me what he meant by “7 touches”? (See following bulletin) Half a dozen years ago it was fashionable within the gold community to point out that a few bullion banks (Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and a few friends) were always “short” gold. Sinclair stated then, that the bankers weren’t stupid and as the bull market advanced, the same bankers that were “short” would be the ones who were “long” and they would make a fortune on their gold holdings. That’s right, they would be “long,” not “short!” At the time, not many people believed him – but here he is, in the bulletin below, once again pointing out who is accumulating gold. Low and behold, it’s the very same bankers that are being blamed for being “short.” Of course, they are “short,” short paper gold and “long” the physicals."

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I look for silver to go into parity with gold, so this will be exciting times for the silver bugs.

I always say be patient this will not happen over night Silver and Gold should never be a get rich scheme but a long term retirement deal. We all hear people getting slaughtered in the short term. I should really be pissed because I bought a lot of silver over $30 but I see through the banksters bear crap.

What people don't realize silver with an inflation adjustment is as cheap as it was when it was under $10. But the sad fact most will chase the metals after they take off and cause the over correction.

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