Comment: Gloria Steinem is an example

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Gloria Steinem is an example

Gloria Steinem is an example of one who thinks they are awesome. Margaret Sanger built Planned Parenthood as eugenics against blacks. Sarah Silverman took a picture of herself after eating a lot, looking pregnant, and then another after she passed it, or from before, and the whole mood of the "joke" was that of pride. Oh, and then there are plenty in number of general people in society, your common young degenerate going out partying and whoring it up who actually do get constant abortions and are proud of it.

No, I don't even think a whore deserves the title of woman (or man). A woman (or man) is an adult. An adult in the human realm is a responsible person. A person who makes right choices. A person can choose to keep their legs closed (both sexes) until they are ready to start a family (because sex is for breeding and there is no such thing as a 100% effective contraceptive, not even getting tubes tied), or you be an absolute moron going around screwing and not understanding that the action is for breeding and then act surprised when you're not ready for a baby but one is knocking. An adult would own up to it in some fashion, either by keeping it or by giving birth to it and giving it away.

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