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An honest answer deserves an honest answer

When I came here, there was no such thing as a "Liberty Movement", ALL banners said, "join the RON PAUL rEVOLution"

Last year, at the RNC, the rEVOLution was co-opted by a Libertarian wing that refused to join Ron Paul in the GOP.. they dubbed themselves, "The Liberty Movement" and have co-opted Ron Paul's message, misleading many people into thinking Ron Paul is a racist anti Israel Jew hater as many of them are (and frankly they look more like jihadists than Patriots).

Those of us who supported Ron Paul, fought the GOP, have had to fight them and do damnage control.. they have been the biggest problem we have because we are constantly having to explain that the Liberty Movement co-opted the rEVOLution in the name of Ron Paul being a Libertarian.

I was a Libertarian when Ron Paul ran in 88.. I did NOT vote for him.. at the time I thought he was just another Republican who couldn't get his message heard in the GOP so he used us.. for all of SIX months he was a Libertarian and then he left.. has been a Republican ever since.

So.. to me, The Liberty Movement is the charade of Libertarian LOSERS who co-opted the rEVOLution because they don't have the guts to get in the fight in the GOP and fight with us.

You've seen the fight first hand and for your part. you encouraged them. I'm a very loyal friend, which I don't confuse with friendly. A friend is LOYAL. I have been LOYAL and I have tolerated a lot of crap from this so called facade called a Liberty Movement.. the Liberty Movement is going to FAIL, and the rEVOLution, now standing with Rand, will prevail.

WE ARE THE FUTURE WE ARE republiCANS, and those who are not with us, are against us, co-opting our message, and twisting it.

I'm telling the TRUTH and YOU know it. Want to see you're rEVOLution art????????

Love, G