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Here are some more.... Jerry

Here are some more....

Jerry Patterson is running for Lieutenant Governor of Texas challenging RINO David Dewhurst, I think hes the only Primary challenger, he seems good, plus there is NO WAY he is any worse than Dewhurst

Matt McCall is challenging RINO Lamar Smith(the CISPA guy Sheriff Mack ran against last year) in the 2014 CD-21 US Congress Primary.

Freshman Texas State Rep Steve Toth District 15, he is the Steve Stockman of the Texas State House (Nullification of Federal gun laws etc.)

Freshman Texas State Rep Giovanni Capriglione District 98,
resident Gold Bug/Tenth Amendment Center Guy.

T.J Fabby running for Texas State Rep District 10, challenging RINO Jim Pitts(again),rock solid Dude,Paul,Medina supporter, anti Property Tax,Pro States Rights etc. he could really WIN this time

Freshman Texas State Rep Matt Krause District 93, pro States Rights etc.

Incumbent David Simpson Texas State Rep District 7, No sign of him running for Governor sadly, but he is a great guy and will no doubt run for reelection