Comment: Its unnatural to be born with Down Syndrome

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Its unnatural to be born with Down Syndrome

Its unnatural to be born with only one arm. Its unnatural to be born with chronic illness, etc. Humans are born all sorts of ways which aren't common, but "natural" by virtue of the fact that they were born that way. Who gives a care if people are outside the norm, and their genes won't carry on. Many good, honest, Christian women are born with defects which leave them unable to have children. They will never reproduce and their genes will never carry on. By your argument, these women who were born physically different than most, should not be allowed children because you don't want them corrupting a new generation. If you honestly think that being gay is always a lifestyle choice and not simply a physical difference which some are born with, then you just haven't met enough people in your life. Hang around a womens college basketball team for a while. When you see the obvious connection between the fact that many of these women are 6 foot 3 with voices like Barry White and the extremely high percentage of homosexuals in elite women's basketball programs, maybe you'll open up to the idea that many homosexuals are simply born that way. And if they are born that way, then it most certainly is "natural", even if it isn't ideal for reproduction.

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