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Comment: Oh, you didn't offend at all

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Oh, you didn't offend at all

It is an interesting question, and it forced some clarity into my thinking, while at the same time it raised more questions

Upon further reflection, I think basically everyone is trying to coopt the liberty movement. This brings forth the question, What is the Liberty Movement?

I hate to place labels on others as well, although it is useful for the purposes of discussion.

Logic has its place, but it is not God, either. Logic, without love, can lead one to some pretty strange places.

All this being said, a movement should have goals, otherwise it is simply a protest. The two main goals I see as I look around here are: 1) The conversion of people to Anarchy, 2) Rand Paul 2016.

Both of those goals are fundamentally, the same. Both reduce to proselytizing, which is something human beings love to do.

But all kinds of people see the energy and the vitality and clarity of the Liberty Movement, and they want a piece. They want to channel some of that energy in their direction.

"Here's the next Ron Paul! Here! Get excited! Open your wallet!" That gets tiresome.

Ultimately, I think it comes down to what (I think) you are expressing at the end, which is simply: Be free.

It is possible to find freedom in an unfree world.