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Comment: Thats twice Ms Daly has

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Thats twice Ms Daly has

Thats twice Ms Daly has impressed me, i fear if she continues, i might form a healthy respect for her :)

She's right, the nation that extends their neck, in an HONEST respect for the cause of human rights to grant snowden a safe haven, may just end up being the nation that brings back our liberties, if they take the initiative and us, the people, from every nation supports them.

Plus, theres the harder to hide act, of the persecution of an entire nation, that so happens to grant snowden asylam, they'll either pretend to suddenly support human rights, or they will attempt to demonize the government of that nation, eitherway, they'll be figuring out a way to "apprehend" snowden, as i suspect not knowing EXACTLY what hes got, is enough for them to use all resources accessable......and i have NO doubt that one or two of them are discussing methods, that if known by the people, would bring down the US government THE NEXT DAY, IF, it were known by the people..........that the thing with your representatives, they dont know, that because of who they are, what they represent, the oaths they took......they should not even be entertaining those ideas.......clue, if your a representaive, and you DO entertain those ideas, instead of getting 7 degrees of angry.......then,