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Comment: Granger! Another honest answer deserves a thank you

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Granger! Another honest answer deserves a thank you

I see & hear exactly where you're coming from, though I disagree.

And I love your point that one should not confuse being a friend with friendliness. Sometimes a real friend has the duty to slap his friend in the face. Not pleasant for anyone involved, but I've done my share of (judicious) slapping, and I've been slapped on more than one occasion. All for the best of the friend, and the friendship.

Of these issues that you speak of:

Last year, at the RNC, the rEVOLution was co-opted by a Libertarian wing that refused to join Ron Paul in the GOP.. they dubbed themselves, "The Liberty Movement" and have co-opted Ron Paul's message, misleading many people into thinking Ron Paul is a racist anti Israel Jew hater as many of them are (and frankly they look more like jihadists than Patriots).

I think you have to acknowledge Paul's role in all of that as well. Whether he wrote those newsletters or not, he allowed them to go out under his name, which has forever tainted his name. Whether he was a libertarian or not, he ran as one, giving him the reputation, to quote you, as just another Republican who couldn't get his message heard in the GOP so he used us.

So he bears a great deal of responsibility for the way the campaign shook out.

At this point I would like to make a distinction between a friend and a follower. Just because you're a friend doesn't mean you have to follow him everywhere he goes.

And I take great issue with what you say here:

WE ARE THE FUTURE WE ARE republiCANS, and those who are not with us, are against us, co-opting our message, and twisting it.

Now who sounds like the jihadist, Granger? I'm certainly not with you, but I wouldn't count myself against you either. But you'll make a lot of enemies if you maintain that attitude, and I don't think that is what you want.