Comment: "The UN chief added that the

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"The UN chief added that the

"The UN chief added that the opening up of digital communications should not be "misused in such a way as Snowden did"..."

No one should even have the CAPABILITY you num nuts

And i dont CARE for the argument
"but, that nation over there *points vaguely to a world map*, their doing it to us"

That does not mean you turn around and do the same thing, AND, try to become the BEST at it, dumb asses

Defence, protection, not offence, and pre emptive action..............dumb asses

Any representatives who dont like too be called "dumb asses", well tough noggies chaps, it is the only way it seems to get your attention, these days, ignoring the wishes of a select few will do that, as you have done in the past, which you are currently doing, and what else must we think......will continue to do