Comment: You sound just like georgie bush...

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You sound just like georgie bush...

...there are terrorists out there and you are either with us or against us...

Well, here is the straight skinny, granger.

I am NOT with you!

I am NOT with the neocons, I am not with the democrips, I am not with the gop.


My group, those in the GREAT VAST MIDDLE of America where respect for the rule of just law dominates will OWN this country or we will see it burned down and rebuilt.

We don't care which way it goes but it will go one way or the other.

Witness...WE, the people ALLOWED romnie to lose by staying home in 2012. We have ONLY grown stronger. You can ignore us, you can ridicule us, you can fight us, we don't care.

We are what we are. We are steering this country now. We ALLOWED obombya to win a second term to prove the failure of this country NOW, not 8 years from now.

I am proud of who we, the people, are. We will fix it. One way, or the other.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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