Comment: I'm a Zionist not a Jihadist

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I'm a Zionist not a Jihadist

If we are intelligent, we grow, we change.. and this is why loyalty in a friendship is more important than friendliness. Enemies can be friendly, but they will never be loyal.

I have GROWN a lot since coming here because I've LEARNED a lot.

Ron Paul is human and he made mistakes in his past that his enemies used against him. I believe Lew Rockwell wrote those newsletters and Ron remained loyal to his friend and didn't cast blame, but took it.

Lew, or whoever, should have copped to writing the letter, but Lew does not have the integrity of Ron.. and I totally believe that Ron's runs were because he saw the GOP was about to be dumped to give the USA a one party control like Communist China, and was setting Rand up.. Rand is awesome.. look at Palin talking about bailing now because she had her folks come in when we were coming in to take our seats.. now they're talking of bailing.. The GOP is a ship.. a vessle.. it's not what it was when Lincoln, or Reagan or Bush was the captain.. it's not going to be what is was when Rand becomes the captain. The Liberty Movement is NOT with us. I KNOW that.. yet they have CO-OPTED Ron's message.

Many people have influenced me in my life and I followed each one until I was able to stand on my own.

As far as enemies go.. Enemies are precious.. one needs enemies because our enemies help us define who and what we are.. they help us understand our convictions, and help us love what we love with more passion. I do not hate my enemies, I hate some of the things they say and do, especially when it is violent, but to me.. really.. it's not about me and them.. it's about me and God. God will be my judge. God is who I fear, in losing his LOVE, for I adore GOD, and I want God's mercy, God's truth, God's help and grace.

I know you have not been with me for a long time (((((MN))))) I've read your posts and while it was very sad, I took no pleasure in watching you come to not like DP, want to escape it.. run away. I've watched you go from being an impassioned artist, filled with hope and sharing your LOVE, to crawling under a rock and hiding.

To me, this was your reward.. because I'm still ROCKING THE rEVOLution, having a great time and victory is SWEET!

I am now a zionist. I asked and searched, "Why would Ron Paul say, 'Israel is our friend'"? NOW I KNOW!! AND I LOVE Israel.. I didn't know about Israel and Palestine I thought I did.. but now I see the truth.. Israel is many religions, many cultures, many people art, science, technology.. it's thriving, and this Palestinian argument.. it's a lie, and it's brought to us by the UN that has worked hard to stop Israel because they want a world of Palestinians (Arabs who are under control of Islam, and why they will NEVER broker peace with Israel) How dare Israel advance the human race and life, when to them, it's ALLAH or death, and to thier kings, it's blood for oil.

To hate Israel is to not KNOW Israel. To stand with Palestine is to stand with the UN NWO Arab oil and HATE for freedom.

Peace be with you.