Comment: It seems weird people are

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It seems weird people are

It seems weird people are outright defending Zimmerman when his innocence relies solely on whether he's telling the truth, and there is no way to confirm or deny it. This is the same website that doesn't believe entire administrations and government agencies at times right? And recognizes they initiate confrontations with people minding their own, by carrying an overly aggressive attitude right (ie cocking your gun right before going to see what an innocent person is up to)?

He has every reason to lie right now, he would be stupid not to. It's like an easy putt. And yes, he could be telling the truth. It may be there is no evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to convict even if he is guilty, and that's fine. But I don't understand why the people on this site are just blindly believing and actively supporting a guy who could be getting away with murder.

Why defend the guy and say he's 'nice' or whatever, when you have no evidence to rule out that he's lying and actually not very nice. Just because it goes along with a pro-gun theme or something? I don't get it. What about pro-liberty, being able to walk from point A to point B without being hassled by self appointed authority figures when you are doing nothing wrong?

Most here won't even want to talk to an immigration officer for two seconds because it unconstitutional, but somehow I should have to answer to George Zimmerman after he slowly follows me down the street in his car and never identifies himself? stfu.