Comment: Muzzle that buff dog

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Muzzle that buff dog

If you are going to publically display a dog that has a reputation, such as this "buff" dog does, then it might be a good idea to have a muzzle on him so he doesn't bite a child.
In many countries, people who walk these kind of dogs, they're required (as a safety precaution) to have a muzzle.
The idiot here is the dog's owner...sadly, buffy's owner should had been the one on the lease.
He evidently wanted to show his hood that he was a "bad ass" and is not intimidated by the cops on his "turf".
A true idiot, don't you know when you see a squad car or the boys in blue, to go in the opposite direction, as a safety precaution.
The dog's owner reminds me of a little kid playing with a dangerous snake...poking at it and playing, showing his friends he's not afraid, and next thing...BAM...he's got you.
I'd rather have a cop living next door than a "hot shot" jerk with his Buff Rottweiler.