Comment: Okay, I think we all

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Okay, I think we all

Okay, I think we all understand by now that you support Rand, a lot of us like Rand, some of us love Rand, and a few of us think that Rand is the Devil, I like him, I think that all of us know who he is and have some sort of opinion about him,

now my question is who else do you support, I think I've seen you bash Justin Amash, so is there any one besides Rand that you like? Thomas Massie,Steve Stockman any one? if no that's fine, but in the end one of two outcomes WILL happen either...

A. Rand Paul is elected president.
B. Rand Paul is not elected president.

Tons of good people are running for office right now, Rand is not, these people have names like Philip Eby,Greg Brannon,Dwayne Stovall,T.J Fabby and Debra Medina all of them will either...

A. Win.
B. Lose.

I can not make any one like any of these people but I can support them by telling other people about them, if some one brings up Rand I will gladly talk about him but for now he is on the back burner as far as I am concerned, I am not telling you what to do, use your energy on whatever you think is the most important and have a great day :)

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