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Comment: I'm about a year older than Martin.

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I'm about a year older than Martin.

I was his age when the event took place. I can tell you for a fact what I would have done in his situation.

If I saw a guy following me, I would pick up my own pace, maybe round a few extra corners. I would avoid a confrontation - my main aim would be to exit the area. I would get home, shut the door, lock & deadbolt it, then keep an eye out for the creepy guy.

Look at that. Nobody dies. Trust me when I say this, you are doing many teenagers a disservice when you claim that we lack the cognitive flexibility to handle conflict. Used to be, 13 year olds were considered adults. If a teenager can't handle complex decisions, it's VERY likely to simply be the result of mental laziness on their part.

Also - regardless of "why" he did it, the undisputed fact is that Martin was actively assaulting Zimmerman. If I were in Zimmerman's position, I can guarantee you I would not be running through my assailant's likely mental function or motivation. In fact, I probably would have shot Martin as soon as he had me on the ground punching me, and I would also have emptied the magazine.