Comment: The Grey Areas

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The Grey Areas

I would suggest an edit.

"...when you wake up and find yourself in God's Kingdom."

We are not God. I feel like Alan had it down until that last line.

Once you let go of that ego, and give yourself over to the moment, to the creation of now, and let the universe/God guide you, then you will find the bliss of his love. You will be present in the Kingdom of God. The same Kingdom that Adam and Eve were in when they ate from the Garden of Eden.

In Eden they knew God, because they were self-less and one with their place in Nature (God's Creation).

They needed no bible. The needed no church. They knew God. They lived in [his] Kingdom.

Suffering comes from desire. Desire comes from dissatification with reality. We do not control reality. To let go of the Ego is to let go of the notion that we have control.

We won't find happiness by coming to terms with an idea that we are in control of the moment, we find happiness when we come to terms with the idea that our only control is our ability to let go and let the loving energy of the universe show us where to go.

We are water. Be like Water.

Jack Wagner