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There is a mistake in the

There is a mistake in the "list": The "tyranny/freedom/anarchy" line commits the same error as the "left/right" political spectrum. I am unsure if this was a typo or confirmation bias towards conservatism.

If this wasn't a typo, then the author's entire attack on NAP is about to be ripped apart by myself. however, I shall correct it thusly( If the word "anarchy" causes an emotional response in the reader, that is not my problem):

Tyranny --> Anarchy --> Freedom

Now we have too much, too little, and just the right amount of our virtue, liberty. You can't maximize liberty under a tyrant, or surrounded by people who are "free" to assault you. Both the parental tyrant and the irresponsible person without boundaries can diminish an individual's liberty.

BTW, NAP, or even liberty are NOT first principles, as the author suggests. The first principles are increasing the satisfaction of life, and the axiom of human action. NAP, and liberty, are logical deductions based on the fact that satisfaction is strictly subjective. We know humans act, and we know humans expect their actions to cause a more satisfactory future than not acting, and we know that ONLY the individual can judge his satisfaction. From this, we can deduce(with perfect accuracy; scientific deductions, in contrast to scientific experimentation/empiricism, do not suffer from the "problem of induction") the concept of liberty, or, as Randians call it, the non-aggression principle.

I'll have none of that "defense is aggression" crap. They are obviously different, which starts to reveal the irreconcilable( and violent) flaw of conservatism... but that's another conversation entirely.

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."