Comment: Any solution?

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Any solution?

This might be unfair of me, and I probably don't fully understand your argument, but if the existence of the liberty movement is allowing the dictatorship to get away with murder, what could the solution possibly be? Are we supposed to shut up? Or should we not provide a name for the resistance (just ditch the "Liberty" label and just say that we're regular citizens)?

Maybe it's our lingo. I know that when I was voting this past election, I looked for key words and ideas to tip me off that, ah Ha!, I have a Liberty Candidate! I know that other candidates and parties have their own key words and key ideas that their key voters are looking for.

I know that when I share articles, I don't share Rothbard or other classic libertarian authors, with the exception of Ron Paul. I try to use articles from sites that don't come across as strong one party or another, since I have friends on "both" sides of the "aisle." Is this approach helping to legitimate the establishment, or counter it?

It is good to know of a potential problem, so thank you for posting this. Now we just need to find and implement solutions.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine