Comment: Not a huge fan of AJ and this

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Not a huge fan of AJ and this

Not a huge fan of AJ and this video pretty much shows nothing, but I would urge people to visit the YouTube channel of "Enterthe5t4rz" and watch his past 10 videos (most are apporox. 5 minutes long). He and others have apparently been decoding past and recent movies to see if subtle hints are being put out there since a lot of the false flags were hinted to us prior to events in the past including 9/11. It seems the illuminati, if that's what you want to call them, according to him are hinting at a false flag event on July 4th of this year. He seems to think it will either involve a baseball game(this explains the illuminati/satanic signs flashed on the screen from a recent cubs game),fireworks ,Hoover Dam, or a false alien. I am in no way a "believe every conspiracy theory person" but his videos were very interesting to say the least.