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Comment: Yes but It Will Take a Lot of Work and Time

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Yes but It Will Take a Lot of Work and Time

There are a lot of groups that have become addicted to gov't handout. Some are expected:
- Poor inner-city residents indoctrinated by minority misleadership.
- Liberal leaders believing the gov't must pay for health care, etc.
- Union leaders who refuse to reign in the union members that abuse system - they blocked the CA gov't from passing a bill that would make it easier to fire teachers who sexually abuse their students.
- Teachers that want more and more gov't control of school and fight homw-schooling, private and parochial schools.
- Large immigrant population that wants to get themselves and their family on gov't assistance.

But there are also a lot of conservatives that talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Lot of dependence on gov't jobs or contracts or tax breaks or assistance for this or that.

In the defense of the private sector, most gov't departments wouldn't even run if it wasn't for private contractors.

I think it will take a bankruptcy of the California gov't, if not federal gov't, to get things to change.