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I do not bash Amash

I don't think Amash is presidential material who is going to beat Rand. I'm very pleased he is where he is and would like to see him advance to make a REAL run in 2020.

Gary Johnson comes back to the GOP, that would be great.

Meanwhile, I will be watching C4L, YRLC, RLC and see who's willing to make local runs, and I would like to see the strongest from the conservative thirs parties, Conservationist, Libertarian and American Independent slip into the GOP where we can unify our efforts rather than work against each other on small issues.

Rand is already a front runner for 2016.. so why keep him on a back burner.. and for Amash? That does not make sense.. I can see and I have promoited Amash, though CA is a long way from Michegan, and presently, Rand is that lightening rod.. If they like Rand, then we can talk about where they see themselves.. if they don't like Rand.. who do they like? If it's Amash over Rand.. I'm not going there.