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I'll Up Vote You

...because I agree the owner is an idiot, but no less so than the cop who shot the dog. Two idiots is a perfect recipe for disasters like this.
What's most bothersome to me though, is the fact that unarmed/disarmed Californians are forced to deal with dogs in situations just like this every day. What the cops are are saying is "f*** you, lowly citizens. We've got our guns, but you'll just have to figure out some other way to protect your kids in cases like this".
A good friend of mine was walking his two poodles at Ventura Beach a few years ago when they were attacked by two pit bulls whose owners were walking them unleashed. Both poodles were killed and my friend was hospitalized with lacerations to his arms, face and scalp. The dog owners just ran away from the scene with their "pets".
F*** the cops and f*** ALL thoughtless, irresponsible dog owners.