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So why 2nd degree murder?

Why not something sensible? Like 'manslaughter'? Particularly given corroborating eye-witnesses, evidence, and statements under oath, etc, waiving Miranda rights?

I've been following the trial live online and I hate to break the news to you, but here it is:

In this 40 minute some odd incident...the perceived victim changed hands—numerous times. (Because...the "aggressor" changed hands—in the mind of the two participants.)

In other words, it escalated from the word go [dark, raining, recent home invasions...]

Many opportunities lost...and both TM and GZ had reason to be suspicious of the other. Second by second. Real Communication? NONE: TM on the phone with Rachel...and GZ on the phone with 911...

A teensy-weensey bit of communication between the two, face to face, mano-a-mano...could have prevented this tragedy.

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