Comment: The UN IS the One World Government.

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The UN IS the One World Government.

They use their "selected to be elected" puppet presidents,prime ministers and heads of states to implement their policies, which are detrimental to the populations of UN countries.
Not one UN country has offered asylum to Snowden.
UN Agenda 21 sneaks through the back door, it's policies implemented at local political levels. This is called ICLEI. Your local council will make laws on building regulations, what you can grow, what animals you can have, what light bulbs you can use, and take away ownership of water.
You WILL be vaccinated.
They dream up things like Earth Hour (turn on ALL your lights and let them burn), and anything to do with World or Global. The UN has poisoned us with feminism, political correctness, and soon, androgyny.
The UN wants to homogenise the entire population, so that we are all the same.
In the meantime, it will steal YOUR wealth, YOUR land (world heritage sites) Your freedoms.
Want to fight this?
Good luck, I wish you well.