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When you let go of your ego

you find out that you are simply awareness. What is aware of me in every moment that I live? I am. But who is I? The awareness that is love. A love that is completely unconditional, that is completely expansive and knows no limitations or fears. Who is aware of the awareness? I've gotten a glimpse several times before, and it is nothing you can teach anyone, but when you see it you recognise that it is the pure essence of your self, that has no judgement, no sex or any other definition. Christianity now is all about accessing God through other people, those who have some sort of special access, but I don't believe these were the teachings of Christ. I believe Christ taught that everyone has the ability to access God just by accessing themselves. I believe God has no judgement, no bible and no commandments, those are the creations of man. God is love, a the love that we all are but have forgotten. A love the connects every living thing, protecting us and that only human beings have forgotten that we are in fact that love. This is why animals fled from the tsunami in Asia but humans were killed. We have lost the connection with the awareness that we are, but that connection is something that is coming back to us now.

Much love.