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That makes no sense whatsoever

This issue does NOT help Obama in any which way. It only helps in waking up liberals.

Republicans say...of course Obama is horrible. We knew that.

Libertarians say... of course Repubs and Dems are the same and both are leading us further into tyranny. We knew that.

Some Democrats will defend him,
But at least some Liberals will come to a realization andsay....

What is Obama Doing???? Why is he continuing the same type of policies that erode civil liberties and free speech? I just can't excuse this! And why aren't MSNBC and CNN as outraged as I am? What is going on here? What happened to my political party? I thought the democrats where better than this!

Thus begins the awakening of a whole demographic of people.

Even some of the Republicans will be more sensitive to the constitution in the future.

If this is a setup then it is a HUGE BOONDOGGLE of a setup because it is causing way more damage that it could ever possibly distract from.