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Total BS

I should write a primer on how to spot fake news. Lots of people here at the DP don't seem to have this basic, and necessary skill.

1) "National" - An official sounding name.

2) "AMERICA'S #1 INDEPENDENT NEWS TEAM" - Huh? Says who? Oh right, spouting bullshit is protected by the First Amendment.

3) Alexa ranking: 206,000. Lame. Nobody's reading this except the webmaster and his friends.

4) Let's look at some other stories from the page. Oh, look at this:

New CDC Study Indicates Pets Of Gay Couples Worse At Sports, Better At Fashion Than Pets Of Straight Couples:

Huh? Ok. Over and out. Not wasting any more time.

Bob, I love you, but I wish you would be more discerning.

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