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Comment: National Send A Log Day declared

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National Send A Log Day declared

What's more simple and straightforward to log than a log?

Is transparent packaging acceptable to USPS? Transparency is something we demand from our government and apparently it demands it right back so let's start sending them logs.

Let's see about some truly transparent packaging and kinda pinch out a deuce and send it. Now as it happens, sending a real deuce in the mail is a crime (some people were having such fun doing it to politicians they just couldn't stand it anymore) but I think a realistic enough looking log can be made with clay and brown paint.

Now it may be that us sending logs to people won't get logged so if you are getting logged you might request to be logged so it can get logged by the loggers. This way the loggers can more accurately log these logs in their logbooks or logging software or however they keep track of logs. I can only think it would add to their job statisfaction to know exactly what they are logging (in this case logs) and to know exactly where these logs are going.

These logs are very important to somebody, probably a lot of somebodys. Interesting how much attention these people pay to logs.

A log, after all, is just a log.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.