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Comment: Buy low, sell high...classic

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Buy low, sell high...classic

Buy low, sell high...classic case of billionaires doing what they do best.

Doom and gloom? Far from it. The Fed bailed out how many banks in foreign countries? That means what? They have all of those countries on the hook. What's the interest rate I wonder?

If the Federal Reserve bailed out the whole world, they'd have the whole world on their hook.

And China? The last thing they want to see is the American dollar losing value. How many trillions of dollars worth of T-notes do they hold?

China's economy is so overheated to the point of collapse right now that it makes the US real estate bubble combined with the student loan bubble and credit card debt look like small road bumps.

How many countries are now indebted to the United States Federal Reserve system after the bailouts?

Will the interest alone pay for the bailouts of US banks and companies like GM?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.