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Comment: I've been very critical of Rand at times in the past but...

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I've been very critical of Rand at times in the past but...

I'll vote for him in the primary and in the general if he's the nominee.

In 2012, after Ron was out, I switched to Johnson. I think if people would have not taken his candidacy as a personal insult against Dr. Paul, he could've gotten somewhere between 2-5% of the national vote (if the voting machines didn't flip votes). He may have even gotten more than that if the entire RP army would have gotten behind him.

I tried to make the points that writing-in was futile and that showing our numbers by voting Johnson was a more powerful statement but not many listened. I still haven't seen any public count of RP write-ins. Those stats will never be known. People let their emotions guide them. Of course that's water under the bridge now.

I just hope in 2016 if Rand doesn't get the nomination that people will consider the Libertarian Party alternative. If nothing else, it's a vote against the establishment.

I abstained from voting in the 2012 general election because I vote in Oklahoma where 3rd parties are nearly impossible to get on the ballot.

As far as, "What can we do?" - I would say that not paying taxes and buying goods through locals using cash or trade is one of the best things people could do. Further, we need to employ psychology in our speech. We need to make people working in government question what they are doing, and we need to plant seeds of doubt in the citizenry. Word of mouth is powerful, especially when similar opinions come from several different sources. The trust in the media is almost zero. We need to further diminish it. The best thing we can do is destroy faith in the government and the banking cartel running this country.