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Comment: For Utahns, Joel Skousen will be AT the NSA's Bluffdale Data Ctr

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For Utahns, Joel Skousen will be AT the NSA's Bluffdale Data Ctr

TOMORROW, July 4th, as part of the #restorethe4th nationwide protests!

Joel Skousen to be @ Bluffdale, Utah NSA Data Center for the July 4th Protest vs. The NSA!

Submitted by AnCapMercenary on Wed, 07/03/2013 - 22:03

Part of #restorethe4th Protests: Short Notice to be sure, but if you're from Utah or nearby states, BE THERE!

At 16:28 mark:

BluffVEIL: There's a major protest building steam, tentatively scheduled for Sept. 20~22, 2013 AT Bluffdale, Utah, again!

FaceBook Page:

Bluffveil - A Protest of the NSA Data Center in Bluffdale, Utah

Public · By Billy Joe Mills

[When] September 20 at 10:00am until September 22 at 1:00pm in MDT


Bluffveil is my top secret code name for a mass protest in the desert to "celebrate" the opening of the 1.5 million square foot NSA data center in Bluffdale, Utah. At a to be determined date (tentatively set for 9/20 - 9/22), thousands of people will travel to Bluffdale to show the government that we do not trust it with the power to hoard and spy on all of our phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, Google searches, phone call metadata, photographs, financial transactions, and all other conceivable digital data it may desire. Bluffveil will be half protest and half festival. If you wish to be a speaker or perform as a band, please let me know.

The protest will be a strictly non-violent demonstration that will seek to reclaim the 4th Amendment "right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause . . ." This right, like all other rights, does not exist if the government violates it and we do nothing in response. Our rights die when our apathy or love of a perfect security trump our will to safeguard those rights. The NSA's domestic spying program is a savage, barbaric interpretation of law and one of the gravest threats to liberty in the U.S. It shreds the 4th Amendment and contradicts the oath many government officials take to uphold the Constitution.

For months I have been considering the idea of organizing a protest at Bluffdale. It is time to act. Recent leaks published in the Guardian by Glenn Greenwald and other journalists have confirmed what NSA whistle blowers William Binney and Tom Drake have been saying for years - our government wants to collect and store all of our private thoughts and conversations in its yottabytes of server space. Below are the Guardian articles revealing that the NSA is collecting the phone records and Internet data of millions of Americans:

Bluffdale is just one of several data centers that the NSA runs inside the U.S., but it is the most important and the most massive. James Bamford is a longtime journalist who reports on the NSA and his 2012 Wired Magazine article presents a comprehensive picture of Bluffdale:

I do hope for this event to gain the attention and support of several existing groups across party and ideological lines: Republicans, Democrats, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Rand Paul, Glenn Beck, CODEPINK: Women For Peace, Democracy Now!, Burning Man, Demand Progress, Jared Cohen, and Mark Zuckerberg.


Great things have beautiful, modest beginnings:

Utahns protest NSA and PRISM, demand data be kept private
Utahns blast data-snooping program PRISM and the new Utah Data Center.

(Lennie Mahler | The Salt Lake Tribune) Pete Ashdown, founder of XMission, speaks to a crowd of protesters and media about the PRISM program, which tracks and stores citizens' personal phone records and internet usage metadata. A crowd of about 25 people protested the NSA program on the steps of the Utah State Capitol on Wednesday, June 12, 2013.

By TONY SEMERAD | The Salt Lake Tribune
First Published Jun 12 2013 06:26 pm
Last Updated Jun 12 2013 11:23 pm

Privacy advocates in Utah are predicting a growing protest movement over what they call widespread and intrusive U.S. government spying on Americans.

About 40 people rallied Wednesday at the Utah Capitol to focus attention on dragnet searches and surveillance programs known as PRISM and Boundless Informant. The rally followed recent leaks detailing FBI and National Security Agency collection of massive volumes of data from phone calls, emails, texts, Web searches and other personal information.

The U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment "grants us a reasonable expectation of privacy," Saratoga Springs resident and protest co-organizer Dan Garfield said. "The power of the government only expands. It doesn’t shrink, and if we grant these powers now, it’s going to haunt us for generations.’’

President Barack Obama, leading members of congressional intelligence panels and top law enforcers defend the data-gathering as essential to foiling terrorist plots.

Participants also demanded answers and more effective oversight of how government agencies will use the new Utah Data Center, the 1-million-square-foot, $1.2 billion data facility scheduled to open this fall at Camp Williams in Bluffdale.


P.S. As for today's USAF/USNAVY jetliner 'buzz-by' IN BETWEEN Austin, TX skyscrapers, USAF Veteran John Major says that there were only FOUR Boeing E4B "DoomsDay Planes" ever built. No confirmation but the one that buzzed by Austin today does resemble it; if so then what the hell is one of those four doing over Austin??

The local news station KXAN is claiming that it's not the E4B, but rather the Navy's E6 flying out of Tinker AFB, OKC, Oklahoma conducting a drill.

But, seeing as how no jet is supposedly allowed to fly beneath 2000ft especially over urban airspace, just WTF kind of "drills" were they conducting that supposedly FAA secretly signed off on??

ALERT: Boeing E4B "9/11 DoomsDay Plane" spotted Flying Low & BETWEEN SkyScrapers in Austin, TX?

Of course, national MSM 'news' blackout on this, as expected. Stay tuned...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul