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Comment: Yeah Johnson got a raw deal

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Yeah Johnson got a raw deal

But at the same time, he was not a very strong candidate. Conceptually, it would have been great if he could have mustered enough support to get into the national debates, but still, he was not the ideal candidate.

As a third party alternative, I still like Ventura, as I think he would be able to not only hold his own as a 3rd party candidate in a national debate, but put the other two from the singular Democratic-Republican party on the defensive.

At this point, Rand looks like the best thing we've got going, but unfortunately, I just can't get too excited about him. Part of this is personal - with how his campaign treated me. All politics is personal. But even beyond that, I can't see myself expending much energy on his behalf. He's such a crapshoot, and I'm a speculator. With Ron, the odds were long, but at least the payoff was good. With Rand, the odds are still long, but the payoff is unclear.

He's definitely got a better shot than his dad, but I'm not sure that he's got a good enough shot to win.

If he does well, I can see them giving him the VP slot, where they can control him, and give him an extended audition. He would probably take it because he's a climber like that, and because he is a climber, that is why I don't quite trust him. So it would be hard for me to really throw down for him in any meaningful way. There is certainly no way the DP is going to morph into the Daily Rand.

What does "nearly impossible to get on the ballot" mean, for OK? Nearly impossible is not the same as impossible. Personally, I find a third party just a little more fun and exciting.

As for the other stuff you said - diminishing trust in media, banking institutions, gov't etc. - I fully agree. But I think those things will happen of their own accord. It is like those buildings are already falling. There isn't much more we need to do except watch them fall (and get out of the way!)

Thanks for the thread.