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Comment: You know, I find it amazing that so many of the same people

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You know, I find it amazing that so many of the same people

who criticize me for posting articles in good faith, fully expecting each of you to read and judge for yourself, can have such absolute faith in 1) Rand Paul 2) The Bible or 3) pacifism to the point of allowing yourselves to be killed rather than use violent resistance to defend yourself

FACT: The Missouri MIAC Report, which identified "veterans, Constitutionalists and supporters of Ron Paul" is real.

FACT: Barack Obama has a "kill list" and already used it against US citizens.

FACT: Congress has passed the NDAA, which allows the POTUS to deem citizens "domestic terrorists" and kill or hold them indefinitely without charges THREE TIMES

FACT: Just the other day, Obama created an international by forcibly grounding a foreign head of state for protecting an American citizen from possible assassination

FACT: The MSM distorts or virtually blacks out crimes committed by those they either favor or fear

FACT: Several journalists, political activists and expert marksmen have died here in the US recently under mysterious circumstances

FACT: Even "Weekly World News" gets it right once in awhile

I hope this story is a fabrication. However, the "Obama quotes" are perfectly consistent with things he has said in the past. If it is not, I will at least have the satisfaction of knowing you ungrateful jerks will soon be eliminated from the gene pool.