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Comment: bahahaha

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"We will never bomb your country (but our government probably will.)"

how many houses just got approved for the fortified and heavily armed Har Homa settlement in occupied east Jerusalem again?? nearly 70? yea, i'm sure they're all super concerned about the lives of any distant Persians when they don't give a shit about the lives they're destroying on a daily basis in their own back yard.

this isn't big. nor is it a strong message. it's a vapid and empty gesture. it's just an internet video of people who may or may not be sincere but whos message is ultimately inconsequential.

"Sometime when folks use those terms they paint the words with broad strokes. I however prefer clarity."

Oh? You failed to mention in your list that all jews residing in israeli are zionists... BY DEFINITION. so yea, not necessarily all jews are zionists, but all israeli jews are. and the only real difference among them being exactly how much more land to steal and how quickly to do it. it would appear they might cross just a touch more than you let on.

*yawn* at least they stepped up the production value of their flicks since the innocence of Muslims. almost believable this go-round.