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Comment: Interest Rates are NOT high....

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Interest Rates are NOT high....

By historical standards, even if the worst of projections come true, Interest Rates are not high, and have a long, long way to go simply to be at the level they were in the 1990s -- when the Economy was humming along just fine.

Remember the days when you could get 5.5% Bank Interest on your deposits? Or get a 6.5% rate on a CD?

Life was pretty good back then, you could actually save some money, and do so at a safe, steady, predictable rate.

This allowed people to avoid large personal debt, and grow their savings, and plan financial expenditures safely (rather then just helplessly watch their money gyrate around wildly in a risky, corrupt Wall-Street Casino, or be stuck with a 0% return).

So I long for those days back again....