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Comment: Regarding the "Ideal Candidate"

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Regarding the "Ideal Candidate"

Rather than focus on the negative about Johnson - that he looked like a bird (big bird, honestly), and was not super articulate - let us look at it from another angle. But let's also consider the shortcomings of Ron Paul.

And I want to make a loud disclaimer, because I know that people are sensitive to this kind of stuff, and Ron Paul is viewed, really, as some kind of diety by some people around here. It has almost become heresy to say that Ron Paul was just another guy. But that was his appeal - that he was just another guy.

So ever since the end of the campaign, I've been trying to detatch. Detach from Ron Paul, because he's not a god. He is a hero. But in this era, we can't afford to look back. Things are just moving too fast.

The GOP wants to look back to Reagan, and it is like, "GET OVER IT ALREADY!". But some here are still hoping for Ron Paul 2016. Seriously - are they kidding? Sometimes I can't tell. But that is just unrealistic. Much, much, much (as in 1000x more) realistic is Rand Paul 2016. That is what is going to happen, whether the deniers get on board or not, that is what is going to happen.

But again, he doesn't reflexively earn support - not from me anyway. We'll have to watch him like a hawk.

That being said, I think he can win. I think Rand has a shot. And I have to admit, that is an exciting prospect.

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But take someone like Ben Carson. He has a wider appeal than Rand. It is not enough to win the Republican nomination. Rand can play the cards to do that. His only competition is Ted Cruz. This is dangerous because they could get into a game of brinksmanship where they both look like they're running to be the Mayor of Crazytown.

Rand's challenge would be to tack back towards a wider appeal, immediately after winning the GOP nomination, after having been officially elected mayor of Crazytown, GOP. You have to understand, that that whole left looks at Rand like Rick Santorum. He's just some funckinc crazy-ass hypocritical white dude who wants to be all in your business.

Rand's GRAND Challenge, is to swing those guys.

How did Hitler do it? He united opposing factions: The National Socialists. The Nationalists (the Right) and the Socialists (the Left). Stop fighting each other and you roll like a machine. HItler did it through force of personality

Is it possible to do that in America? I mean, unite these two poles that are at each others' throats?

If so, how? How do you united these two ununitables, the Tea Party, the GOP, AND a handful of democrats?

The handful of democrats come from us. The libertarians. The hippies. The ones that swing both ways.

Expect some competition here at the Libetarian spectrum for our votes. We should be witness to a little pandering.

Is Ted Cruz running in 2016?