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Call me Opposite Man!

I'm too chickenshit to down vote, but brave enough to tell you that you didn't provide anything worthy of putting forward an intelligent argument to. You certainly didn't put forward an intelligent argument either. You simply posted three links with an ambiguously rhetorical headline.

If you are concerned about Turkish reparations for Armenian genocide, how about creating a post airing your concern? Perhaps your concern is only regarding Mr. Fein, I can't tell, if so you could elaborate your displeasure for Fein's lack of sympathy with Armenians in your post. It might be interesting. I don't have much room for concern over that right now as I'm appreciating the good service to liberty and job for Lonnie Snowden he seems to be doing here with the issues at hand. In fact, you could dig up and post here links to articles showing that Lonnie Snowden has been accused and convicted by his neighbors of killing stray puppies and kittens, and I really don't think I'd muster much concern about it right here and now. I can't say with absolute certainty, but I think it would just annoy me.