Comment: Obama Got Away With It, Ted Would Not

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Obama Got Away With It, Ted Would Not

The Republicans won't nominate Ted Cruz. Like any gang, there is a price to pay. He hasn't paid his dues.

But here is what would happen if he ran.

The Democrats would say nothing during the Republican Primary. If he got the nod, Hillary would bring up the citizenship issue at the first debate. There would be billboards, t-shirts, talking heads and lawyers. Americans would start to cheer "Cruz For Canadian Prime Minister". Then Secretary's of State around the country would decertify him, leaving the Republicans without a viable candidate.

He would not be able to use Obama as an alibi because that would be the same as asking a cop why he chose to give you a ticket and not the one that got away. Besides, the Democrats don't want to hear what they got away with via Obama and the Republicans already blew their chance to challenge it.

2016 is not the year for Cruz.

Gene Louis
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A Citizen-Operated Legal System.