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I've yet to read Nisbet's bio! But I have read some of his work, and it's absolutely great and filled with intellectual acumen.

I think Mr. Stone has referred to Nisbet as a "libertarian-communitarian," which seems like a contradiction, but I think once someone has read Nisbet's work, one will understand why Mr. Stone thinks that. In fact, to most people, the word communitarian connotes some form of left-wing communitarianism where the state is the national community. Heck, even left-wing communitarians try to use Nisbet. They misundestand, of course. I recommend a recent attempt by a leftist and replies to him below:

Anyways, I bet you know, by reading Nisbet's bio, his works. But if you are interested in some of his essays he wrote, I recommend the below site.

Some material is copyrighted, but just search and you will find some that are free. Great stuff.

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