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Voir Dire ?

If so, it's best as open ended inquiry. Litigators like hearings without listening.

A litigator might puff with credentials. A trial lawyer would pause over the reason for this communication. I don't view this as about Ralph, or you, or me... So I'll take the 5th.

" The right reasons are not about the self. We think of ourselves as separate from one another, for only by such thinking can we become a king or queen. Without separation, there could be no kingdom. There would be no heros. No worshipers. No pats on the back. So we think about the self. How am I doing? How am I looking? Where am I going? My chest feels really good puffed out like this."

May I commend to you this superb article presenting lessons to distinguish art from craft and offering insights more profound:

What's the point?

"So how do we become poets? How do we do jury trial as an art form? How do we say what is really going down and do it in a way that our meaning sinks deep into the jury's very soul? How do we use both sides of the brain?"

To speak the truth