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Thanks for this link

From commenter "Frank" on this linked site:

If 30%+ of the population of the USA would rise up & mass demonstrate against our corrupt & Unconstitutional government like what the Egyptians did recently, we might force a peaceful overthrow of our government in Washington like what happened in Cairo. But the government educated, government dependent, dumbed-down, MSM brainwashed & complacent average American voter won’t do that. So we can kiss goodbye our Constitution & the liberties it was supposed to guarantee for us as the corrupt ruling oligarchy continues to bankrupt us, trash our Constitution & enslave us in this out-of-control & non-sustainable welfare/warfare/police state we still call the USA. But the real USA & its Constitution died some time ago. Reagan once correctly labeled the USSR as the world’s “Evil Empire”. That empire collapsed & today’s ruling oligarchy in what was once the USA has replaced it as the world’s “Evil Empire”. They will not so easily be removed from power & control of wealth. And Americans don’t really seem to care this 4th of July.