Comment: Because you believe sexual assaults are harmless?

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Because you believe sexual assaults are harmless?

Is that why you say my brother didn't commit suicide because of repeated sexual assaults even though he and everyone in his family knew/knows otherwise? Do you have some paranormal ability to read the minds of dead people, or did you overhear his taped suicide note?

I'm old enough to remember that "gay" used to just mean something innocuous until it was hijacked by sodomites. And it's not my problem if you don't know the dictionary definition of sodomite. I don't bend to your language rules. Grow up and deal with it.

I have no problem with anyone unless they try or actually succeed in violence against someone. Are you a sexual predator? If so, then I suppose I'm a "bigot" in your eyes because sexual predators are a group that I'm concerned about and will discriminate against.

Suicides among sodomites is a sad tragedy but I have nothing to do with it. Some of them, on the other hand, brought devastation to my family so I make no apologies for my attitude toward people who think it's sport to recruit or force other people's children.

As for loving my neighbor, one of the ways I do so is by keeping a watchful eye on potential dangers to them. That includes sexual predators - sodomite or otherwise.

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