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You don't get it ((((dducky))))

Where's the outrage? What are you looking for to show you outrage? Is outrage destruction, secular armeggeddon?

Outrage can be CONSTRUCTIVE.

Constructive outrage is what drives people to get involved beyond the voting booth, seeing an alternative to harming others, innocents, society, wee the people having some power to control our little corner in the world. CONSTRUCTIVE outrage is what all of us who got in the GOP, faced, debated, fought those who are aiding and abetting the powers that be on a local, state and national level, because campaigns take you to these places.

MSM LOVES the drama.. the outrage of destruction feeds the beast, and that is what you stand for? Ohhh no, you will say.. dressed in black (how dramtic.. look at you!)

You don't seem to understand that we are INDIVIDUALS.. I'm NO Rand or Rand Paul.. not by a Loooooooooong shot.. I don't even try to be a Ron or Rand Paul.. it's not my job to be a clone.. that's NOT what this is about.

When constructing things, politial parties, you need a KEYSTONE.. you need a block from which to build a foundation. From there, the walls exterior and interior, the windows, doors, paint, color, roof, all these parts are related to the keystone in that together they STAND.

This is true for religion and politics.. be it Mohammad, or Jesus, Gaia, Krishna, the Buddha.. they all have their sects or cults that do NOT agree on everything, but they agree with the "keystone".


You seem bent on DESTRUCTION, having no constructive solutions, you wear black, you roast, you work to KILL the spirit and work very hard Murdering the spirit of those who are working to build a better America constructively.

Here you are at it again, where you don't see yourself KILLING the spirit as you damn the flesh that works to construct because you want DESTRUCTION.

Ron Paul made it very clear to us, we need to make our state governments stronger to lift the burden off the federal government. Here in Mendo, we don't need or look to federal government, what Obama has to say doesn't affect us as it does places where the people are not involved.. many people here are very involved, so we have control. Apparently you live in a place where the people expect the president to be a candy store they can relate to, and he rules their lives, their choices, they can not be individuals, just clones of the candy man.

I never agreed with Ron Paul 100%, but I understood what he was saying about getting in and changing it if we don't like it, so I did. And I don't regret it.. I read posts like yours and I'm even more glad I did it because the apathy and destruction moved forth by a critical collective that FAILED to get in and waits like vultures for the destruction of government.. hopes that America will be like Egypt.. it won't be long before you will see that Egypt will not be better off.. as Syria is not better off. You don't want marshall law, or a police state or a military coup for yourself, but it's fine for others?

I don't get that.