Comment: No government employee's salary shall exceed

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No government employee's salary shall exceed

the median wage of Egyptians working in the private sector.

Elections shall be by paper ballot only and be available in their entirety for the public record. All forms of electronic voting are forbidden.

Everyone shall be treated equally under the law. No action by government shall benefit particular groups or persons. Servicing positive rights by the government is forbidden.

All wars must be declared by the legislative branch. All aggressive uses of the military or any agent of the government shall be considered an act of war and fall under this provision. Legislation that defers this power to any other branch of government is forbidden.

The government is forbidden from installing military bases on foreign soil.

No central bank or version thereof shall ever be installed or codified. Legal tender laws are forbidden. All domestic currency must be of private origin.

Spying shall only target foreign individuals and entities that are perceived to be enemies of the state that are suspected of plotting violent acts against the state or the People.

*Copy and Paste the Bill or Rights*

Due process is defined to include a trial employing a jury of peers of the accused. It is forbidden for due process to be made a secret process.

Defendants and legal representatives thereof shall always have the opportunity to hear, see, and examine all evidence used against them in a court of law. Arguments of national security cannot be invoked to introduce arguments or evidence in secret with respect to defendants and legal representatives thereof. It is permitted that such a defendant or representative be sworn to secrecy under threat of perjury for revealing any such evidence, unless such evidence reveals acts that are injurious to this document. Instances of the latter must subsequently be proved in a court of law residing in a different district than the original court to be selected by the person or entity (or legal representatives thereof) revealing such evidence.

Persons or entities revealing state secrets that can reasonably be considered injurious to this document shall not be imprisoned or held by the state prior to a conviction by a jury trial. Further, it must be proved in said trial beyond a reasonable doubt that the revealer(s) had malintent aimed at aiding an enemy of the state AND that the information revealed was not injurious to this document. The location of trial shall be selected by the defendant or legal representative thereof.

These are a few of the things I would want to include. Of course, there may be better ways to word these concepts.