Comment: Finally I saw Atlas Shrugged Part II

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Finally I saw Atlas Shrugged Part II

I agree with many comments on this thread comparing parts I and II, still, I LOVED the threme, and I appreciate how it remained strong in supporting and defending those who build, and showing clearly how a government is bent on destruction of producers in the name of equality for all.

It was very good to see how producers are SHORT in supply, while the masses want, but are unable, by their own wants and needs to create, establish and produce for ALL, let alone themselves.

This is a great movie to see for Independence Day.

One idea I had while watching the movie is that the book, which I read decades ago, was a road map for the destruction of the USA as a nation that produces.. we have failed to esteme those who produce, and rather than get in and fight to be producers, instead many of us become part of the destruction with arrogant self righteous idea we are entitled, we can wait for someone else to terar them down rather than get in the good fight for PROSPERITY.