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I am a sheeple

I don't believe ALL our problems are caused by Muslims and I don't consider Muslims in and of themselves as evil.. I think the Quran's focus on extermination Jews, Christians, infidels, Athesists, Agnostics, Hindus, Buddhists, homosexuals, those who do drugs, while striving to render ALL nations to Sharia law is evil.. and while many Muslims do not openly or actively agree with THAT Part of the Quran (at least while they are living as a minority among those the Quran dictates to wipe off the face of the Earth) we see what some call the "extremists" are merely those who are following the Quran, not just the parts they like, or can, in democratic societies.

The toppless women are NOT Jihadists.. they are women who reject the Muslim Sharia law that women are second class citizens needed to be controlled by the man.

I don't know how much you have studied what is going on in Muslim nations, but I don't believe you have studied much, rather read UN news like RT, which is 40% Muslim now.. Muslims to their credit produce many children, do not abort babies, but have as many as they can, for they are preparing to take the world, preferablly in peace, by producing children, where most secular countries are aborting babies and not producing enough to sustain their own races/religions.

Muslims are the biggest religion in the world today and that is not going to decline.. by 2040, they should be THE most powerful force in the world by birth rate alone.