Comment: He's got several things very wrong

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He's got several things very wrong

And this is part of the problem when he brings up someone like Ron Paul, he is twisting Ron Paul's words.

First. I do not like press TV, it's a UN front that sides with petrol powers, doesn't matter that the currancy, the UN is petrol controlled, and they LOVE the Muslim religion because it affords a means to their ends.. people eliminating each other, doing their dirty work for them in the name of religion.

Second.. the tape was chopped up, you could not hear anything the Muslim woman had to say.. It is evidense that women are second class citizens, and what was more important was this rant.. that was misleading, but attacked Israel.

Israel is less oil dependent than any nation and they are working hard to become oil free.. the UN does not like this, the oil rich nations profitting off oil dependency does not like this.

This, this is NOT a truth bomb, but propeganda, and why the tape was editied.. they don't want you to have the whole picture, but to make conclusions based on what they give you.

And that is what you call truth?