Comment: Egyptian assumptions and Relativity

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Egyptian assumptions and Relativity

Did Egyptians rally themselves to oust Mubarak? To oust Morsi? IN both cases the US funded, equiped, and managed Egyptian Military facilitated the transition. It would be wise to remain skeptical that any change will translate into gains for the people of Egypt. It didnt the last time and its doubtful that it will this time.

The hegemony that cast a pall over most world events continues even under circumstances that seem organic and people oriented.

There is no doubt that today is an orgy of carefully planned statism and Imperialist celebration, but, that doesnt prevent your most sincere hopes and beliefs from setting the basis for what you celebrate today. THis is your day today as much as anyone and only you can manifest what you want.

I have long struggled to stay positive. I often feel the weight of concern and hopelessness. But that in itself is a choice. I will try hard today to see friends and family (most of whom are walking brain dead and ignorant of the matrix that surrounds them). But i will never get another July 4, 2013. Its up to me to make the most of it for myself, for others, and for the values i want to see manifest in this world.

Chin up. You are not alone. Peace.