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I asked him!

I sat right next to him during the private round table discussion where about 25-30 people were in attendance. I only had a few moments as there were a lot of people asking questions.

Sitting directly beside him, I led off by mentioning the Daily Paul, and he smiled with an "of course I know of the DP" twinkle in his eye, and "boy, you guys sure do get around" . I told him the blog and website is dedicated to the restoration of constitutional government and he has a lot of supporters and activists who are willing to support him, esp in Iowa (as indicated in a post on this thread).

I held up several sheets of paper in my hands, and told him that I had 13 pages of good questions from the Daily Paul, and that I knew there wouldn't be time to ask them. So therefore I asked him if he would be willing to personally visit the website and answer the questions or have a spokesman answer them for him.

To that he replied approvingly. He immediately motioned to a lady standing to the side, and introduced me to her, the Deputy State Director, and publicly requested her to work with me (the DP) to pull off a special web event where questions from the DP would be addressed. He asked if I would give the questions to her (which I did), and then to work out a way to do something like a Twitter Q&A (I think was what he said) or something interactive where people's questions would be addressed. He was very accommodating and willing and desirous to see that this event take place.

Later as we left the room and walked down the hallway, I told him and his deputy state director that Michael Nystrom would probably enthusiastically welcome his campaign's interaction with the DP.

Back to the round table Q&A where I was sitting next to him. I told him I wouldn't have time to ask all these questions from the Daily Paul, so I picked one question that really challenged me to ask it. I read your statement to him and the group, "Please have the balls to ask these questions."

He smiled, and I asked read the two questions.

He didn't shy away and replied, and I paraphrase (these are my words not his, but I'm attempting to repeat the spirit of what he said):

He prefers there to be no foreign aid, but that since there is, why not give it to a legit ally. He did say Israel was an ally, and that would explain the double standard. He referenced a non proliferation agreement that Iran is not abiding by, according to their own admissions (perhaps reading between the lines is how I took it based on the activities they're involved in, like mining uranium or something of that nature). But he said he was opposed to foreign aid as a general rule of thumb, and he gave examples of where the aid ends up in the hands of evil people. So he seems to be against it, but hasn't taken an absolute position like his father. He took quite a bit of time to answer the question.

My observations of Rand at this meeting: he was a very good listener. He never interrupted and then answered each question as concisely as he could. He was gracious and interested in what the problems of Scott County were. He even knew some of what was going on in our county that most people wouldn't know, so he had done some homework.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford