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Comment: Unknown if you are part of, or just ignorant of this fraud...

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Unknown if you are part of, or just ignorant of this fraud...

But, this is a infomercial for the plagiarizing, copycat, Fed loving, Trump, News-max and Wiedemer! Their disinformation says neither Ron Paul nor Peter Schiff knew or predicted the bubbles, since Wiedemer was the only one who knew it all and predicted!?!

Their fraud includes the shallow explanation of causation, which sounds like 'Johnny-come-lately' copying all of Ron Paul's and Peter Schiff's statements and graphs, except leaving out the early warnings and the FED! It is a simplistic regurgitation of the politically correct portion of Ron Paul's warnings, giving the reader the impression that Wiedemer was the only one in the know! News-max true to form and deceiving as usual! Except, they protect the FED... and they are wrong to boot!

The infomercials are outdated, recorded in 2011 likely, and have already been proven wrong!

1. Anytime the anti-Ron Paul, Fed loving Trump, Newsmax, and Weidemer are involved, you know that they are pinching for your money!

2. To mention those names together with Schiff is just name dropping and conning viewers into buying their lies;

3. They expend there whole shtick on a fake analysis of the real causes of the theft of wealth, the collapse of the dollar, and defrauding of the people. They not only never mention the real enemy and cause, the Federal Reserve Bank, but use a simplistic discussion of symptoms as the cause of their own problem... end result of their scripted infomercial turns out to be invest the same way the big boys do it! The films promoted are obviously not an interview, but read from a wall script.

4. our book for our secrets to making 1,000,000 from only 50,000; and many other super secret ideas which our good friend Warren Buffet will share with you, but you need to act fast since we are giving this all to you for free at great cost to us... and of course invest in our special offer!?

5. They promote getting rid of gold holding in favor of buying into ETF's, futures, or other depository gold housing, in which they assure you that the gold is yours, which you do not hold, but can have anytime [and I have a bridge from London to sell]?! How has that worked out for all the people in the over sold futures market?;

6. Don't pay off your property, but refinance for more money to invest with us;

7. And even more... but not worth listening!

And that is only the beginning of their fraud. It is apparent that they are capitalizing on the Ron Paul generated movement against the Fed and concern for the economy, but doing so in a way which not only brings your money to them and into the system, but does so by claiming the foreknowledge of the likes of Ron Paul and Peter Schiff as their own, dropping names, copying charts, and doing all this while protecting the reputation of the FED from harm!

How... Newsmax'y!

Beware of CFR puppets!

To know the real causes of the decay of the US dollar, one need only read Ron Paul's books, 'End the Fed', and 'Revolution: A Manifesto'!

To know what to do, after reading those, is sort of a redundancy! Knowing the cause is to know your solution! It becomes self evident!

Ron Paul 2016! Get used to it!